New Year’s Resolution – How to SUCCEED with the KETO diet!

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You made a New Year’s resolution to lose weight and live healthier with keto, but are afraid to fail? Put your doubts aside and learn how to succeed with the keto diet!

Whether you are new to keto or have fallen off the horse during the holidays and want to get back on, this article is for you! With my tips you will be prepared to commit to a low-carb way of eating and actually STICK with it!

Why most New Year’s resolutions fail!

Studies have shown that about 80% of New Year’s resolutions end in failure. Changing habits is hard and though the New Year is a great time to do that, we can’t just become a “whole new me” simply because the numbers on the calendar have changed. Self-doubt and feeling overwhelmed can keep you from sticking to your new routine. And how exactly is this new routine supposed to look like?

This is especially true when it comes to a big change like eating and cooking differently. Food is such a big part of our lives that affects our personal health, social connections, and even finances! By simply deciding that you will change your eating habits on exactly January 1st, you may find yourself going back to your old lifestyle on January 2nd!

How to succeed with this New Year’s keto resolution!

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Think about it: you just celebrated New Year’s, you are tired, your fridge is filled with high-carb leftovers, and your house is a mess. Is January 1st really the best day to change around your whole eating plan? Probably not! Start your New Year’s resolution when you are READY! Don’t set yourself up for failure. This can be one week into January or it could be February.

Your starting day should be not be stressful: you have no big projects due, aren’t planning to run a marathon, and you’re not recovering from a harsh illness. On the other hand, it also shouldn’t be TOO chill of a day: no vacation on the Bahamas, no yoga retreat.


You have heard good things about keto and eating low-carb foods. Maybe a co-worker has mentioned it to you, may you have seen someone’s before and after photos on social media, or maybe even your doctor has recommended it to you. All that is good, but before you make this keto New Year’s resolution, make sure to do your own research!


Read at least one book that explains the mechanisms of the ketogenic way of eating, provides you with guidelines, discusses different factors that can improve health, lays out a meal plan, and just gives you a good idea what this new eating style is all about.

After doing your own research, you will feel more motivated, confident, and be prepared to start your new journey!


It is just about impossible to commit to a keto way of eating when you are being constantly tempted with what’s in the kitchen cabinets and fridge. So BEFORE you begin your resolution, you need to get rid of (give away or donate) ALL your high-carb foods. This means sugar, flours, potatoes, pasta, chips, candy, sugary yogurts, juices, ice cream, and any other high-carb snacks and ingredients you have hidden.

Then you need to fill your kitchen with healthy, low-carb ingredients and foods, like almond flour, sweeteners (I like erythritol and stevia), eggs, meat, butter and coconut oil, vegetables, and of course YUMMY KETO SNACKS! Don’t forget to have sugar-free drinks planned out, too!

Start your new lifestyle only when you have “ketonized” your kitchen, so that you will be ready to cook low-carb meals and have healthy snacks ready whenever you start craving something.


5 Healthy and Fun Keto Lunchbox Ideas

Plan meals for 5 days. Making choices requires willpower. Yes, our brain actually finds it exhausting to decide what’s for dinner. If you waste that willpower on figuring out what you will eat that night, you may not have enough willpower left to stick to your new routine. So instead, plan ahead! Write down the meals you will cook and eat for 5 days. Make a grocery list and have your recipes ready. Now for the next 5 days, all you have to do is follow this plan. The decisions have been made. You can relax!

Here are some meal ideas!

Keep it as simple as you need to!


Committing to change your way of eating is HUGE and can really feel overwhelming! Are you committing to eat like this forever, for a year, until you reached your desired weight, or are off meds? Setting goals and milestones is important, but if they feel too far out of reach, they may actually make us feel anxious instead of empowered!

So, instead only commit to 3 weeks. That’s right! Make it your New Year’s resolution to stick to keto for just 21 days. That doesn’t seem overwhelming or scary, right? It actually seems doable and it is! After eating healthy low-carb foods for 3 weeks, you will have changed your daily routine and will have GOTTEN USED to this new way of life. Your mindset will have changed, you will have observed changes in your body, and you will have started feeling comfortable and knowledgeable about keto eating.

Chances are that after your first 3 weeks, you will know that you can do this and you will keep going! The first hurdle is always the hardest.


You’ve done your research, you have your meals planned, and “ketonized” your kitchen, and yet you slipped-up. It may have been the donuts your co-worker brought for a meeting, your kid’s birthday party, or just a stress-full week that had you grab for that bag of chips at the grocery store.

That’s OK. It’s not the end of the world and it certainly is not the end of your keto resolution! It happens to the best of us and what’s important that you are prepared for such a scenario. So what will you do if you ate something that spikes your blood sugar, something that makes you feel sleepy and groggy the next day, something that makes you crave more high-carb foods?

Fresh cup of Turmeric Butter Coffee.

Start the next day fresh and guilt-less! Don’t feel bad about having slipped-up. Make sure you have keto snacks around that can satisfy your cravings. Maybe start the day with some high-fat butter coffee or hot bone broth. Take that day easy and get back up on that horse!

Thank you for reading New Year’s Resolution – How to SUCCEED on the KETO diet!

I hope this post encourages you to commit to a low-carb lifestyle and to leave any fears of failure behind!

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