Keto Rustic Bread served with hebn butter

Keto Rustic Bread

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This Keto Rustic Bread comes incredibly close, both in looks and texture, to traditional artisan bread. It is chewy, has a thick crust, and tastes like rustic whole-wheat bread! With just a few ingredients, you can make it in no time!

Note: This recipe was originally published May 20, 2021 and modified June 2, 2023.

Before I started eating low-carb, I loved making and eating bread (I am German after all). I even went as far as baking and selling sourdough bread at my local farmer’s market. So, if there is one thing I missed after going keto, it was a rustic slice of bread with some butter and cheese.

I tried different recipes, but they were either too eggy and soft, or just too crumbly. I was looking for sturdy bread that would not fall apart and carried that “dark” flavor of whole wheat and rye. This keto bread is IT! It is chewy, has a thick crust, and can hold its share of butter and cheese (or anything else your heart desires). Serve it with my herb butter and you won’t even know that it is wheat-free!

Is this bread really keto-friendly?

loaf keto rustic bread

This bread truly works for a low-carb lifestyle! Each slice has only 3 grams of net carbs, 4 grams of fiber, and only 1 g of sugar. I can make 16 slices with one loaf, but depending on how you shape your bread and how thin you slice it, you slice it into even more pieces than that.

Since we don’t use any wheat or rye flour for our rustic bread, it doesn’t contain all of the carbohydrates or gluten that you are used to from other breads. So enjoy a slice without any guilt!

More keto-friendly bread recipes!

I love coming up with bread recipes that are gluten-free, grain-free, and low-carb. There are so many different ways to add a variety of flavors and textures to keto bread, it’s pretty amazing. Check out these keto-friendly breads:

Watch the recipe video here!

Tips for making Keto Rustic Bread!

Ingredients. Buy whole (full-fat) ricotta cheese (if possible). Ricotta is the star of the show and is what gives this bread its chewiness. Soften your cream cheese and use eggs at room temperature for a smooth dough. Psyllium husk powder gives keto bread a chewy crust. I use the NOW brand.

Shaping. Before you shape the dough, make sure to let it rest for 5 minutes. This will help absorb some of the moisture. To shape, wet your hands, this will prevent the dough from sticking to your fingers. I like to cut 3 diagonal lines on top and pull each one a little bit open. This will make the bread look like it is done by a professional (or maybe semi-professional).

Flavors. To enhance the flavor of the bread, you can add herbs and spices to it. Add thyme and oregano for an Italian feel, or caraway seed to enhance the rustic flavor.

Serving. My favorite way to eat rustic bread is with herb butter (doesn’t get much more keto than that!). Other serving suggestions are cream cheese, cheese, or ham. Instead of sugary jam, you can try some keto fruit pudding.

Never miss carbs again with this keto bread!

It would be great if you left feedback on this recipe by commenting and hitting the 5-star rating button. I’d love to hear from you!

Keto Rustic Bread


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Keto Rustic Bread served with herb butter.

Keto Rustic Bread

This low-carb bread comes incredibly close, both in looks and texture, to traditional artisan bread. It is chewy, has a thick crust, and tastes like rustic whole-wheat bread! With just a few ingredients, you can make it in no time!
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Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 1 hour
Resting time 5 minutes
Total Time 1 hour 15 minutes
Course Appetizer, Breakfast, Snack
Cuisine German, Keto
Servings 16 slices
Calories 153 kcal



  • Preheat oven to 350 °F (175 ℃). Prepare a baking sheet with parchment paper.
  • In a large bowl, whisk together cream cheese and ricotta until smooth. Add the eggs and apple cider vinegar, and whisk in well.
  • Add all the remaining ingredients and whisk until smooth. The dough will still feel sticky at this point. Let rest for 5 minutes for the moisture to be absorbed.
  • With wet hands shape the dough into roughly a 4"x7" loaf. Place on your prepared baking sheet and with a small knife, cut 3 diagonal lines on the top and pull each line a little bit apart (this will make the bread look artisan!)
  • Bake for 1 hour. The bread is done when a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean or the center temperature has reached 201 °F. Let cool down completely and enjoy!



  1. Use softened cream cheese and room temperature eggs. 
  2. To freeze, slice bread first and then freeze in freezer bag for up to 1 month. Good on the counter for up to 2 days or up to 5 days in the fridge. Best stored in a bread bag.


Serving: 1sliceCalories: 153kcalCarbohydrates: 7gProtein: 6gFat: 12gFiber: 4gSugar: 1g
Keyword German bread, German keto bread, gluten-free bread, Keto bread, wheat-free bread
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  1. I’ve been looking at GF bread recipes, and all of the good ones ask for psyllium husk powder. First of all, what is it lol? And where can I find this magical powder? I couldn’t find it at the grocery store. Is this one of those online only things? Thank you!

    • Hi Jacqueline! Thank you for your question. Psyllium husk really is a magical powder when it comes to wheat-free baking 🙂 It is a soluble fiber (which is why some people take it as a supplement to improve their digestion), and has same properties that are similar to gluten: it can thicken, bind, and makes bread crust nice and chewy! I have seen it in larger grocery stores that have a bigger GF/Keto/health section. You may be able to find it next to the GF flours (like almond flour). I buy mine online at Amazon. I always get the NOW brand because I have heard that other psyllium husk powders may give the baked good a purple hue (it doesn’t affect the taste or texture though). Hope this helps! And if you make this bread, let me know how it turned out 🙂

        • 5 stars
          I just let it cool and cut of a chunk. It looks delicious and it tastes even better than I had hoped for. I put butter and a little bit of bacon on it and it is soooo yummy. Thank you for this recipe. I am going to be making a bunch more of your creations. God bless you

        • 5 stars
          I just started keto and have been trying different recipes for the right tasting bread. The ones I tried have too cornbread of a taste. I made your rustic bread and my daughter and I believe we have found the best breadlike tasting keto bread! I’m gonna double the recipe and make a larger size bread.
          Being Russian, homemade bread has always been a staple in my family. Now we can make keto bread.
          Thank you so much Ludmilla for this wonderful recipe! 🙂

          • Dunia, thank you so much for this comment! This truly just made my morning ❤️ I’m so glad you liked the bread and hope you will find other recipes here that you can enjoy! I do have some keto Russian recipes, too 😊

    • I got mine at Bi-Mart in the pharmacy section (or right next to it) It’s located near non-sugar sweeteners, athletic drinks, protein bars, etc. It may be in that section in a grocery store too.

  2. My husband and I have been contemplating a keto diet and we tried a keto cake not long ago. Looking through your recipes makes it seem like such a simple switch. And the bread looks yummy!
    I’ll definitely forward to my mother as well because she has been keto for awhile now.

    • Thanks so much for sharing with your mother! I think the switch is easier than it may seem, especially with all the yummy recipes available. I have been keto for nearly 5 years now and really glad about it, too. Feeling stronger and healthier than before and don’t feel guilty about enjoying food 🙂 Let me know if you try the bread!

    • Steven, I hope you will like the bread! Sorry to hear about your high cholesterol, but excited to hear that you will go on low-carb! All the best, Ludmila

  3. Is the ricotta necessary or can we subsitute for more cream cheese?
    Thank you.

    Also – do you have any bread recipes that don’t use nuts, coconut, etc. – JUST animal products?

    • Hi Monika, I don’t think cream cheese would work as a substitute, as it is much heavier and thicker than ricotta. BUT You could try substitute the ricotta with Greek yogurt. You may have to adjust the almond flour amount a bit if you do that.
      At this point, I don’t have a bread recipe with just animal products.
      Hope this is helpful!

    • Monika, just wanted to let you know that I do have a Carnivore Flatbread now 🙂 🙂 It’s completely nut-free and grain-free.

    • Hi Faith,
      Since it’s just NUTRITIONAL yeast, all it does is give the bread a slightly yeasty flavor (and add some extra vitamins). Nutritional yeast doesn’t make the bread rise and doesn’t affect the texture of the bread 🙂
      Hope this helps!

      • 5 stars
        It sure does. I making it to enjoy with a Mexican Breakfast Bruchetta. I am enjoying a week of international Keto cuisine. Appreciate the fast reply

        • Had to let you know this recipe is a keeper. My husband and I just tasted it and we will use this tomorrow for our bruschetta breakfast😊. Thanks so much for posting. Can’t wait to check out your other recipes.

          • Oh, Faith, I’m so happy to hear that!! ❤️ Hope you’ll find other recipes on my site that you like ☺️

  4. 5 stars
    This bread has a great taste and texture. I do have a question-when I enter the ingredients into cronometer the calories and carbs are WAY more than you’ve listed. How did you get these macros?

    • Hi Wendy,
      I’m glad you like the bread!!
      I use WP Recipe Maker, it automatically retrieves ALL the ingredients that I list in the recipe. I just did the calculation again, just to make sure and the nutrition info is definitely correct.
      Did you divide the everything by 16? My nutrition info shows the numbers for ONE slice of bread (the recipe makes 16 slices). That’s the only thing I can think of or maybe cronometer used a wrong ingredient (e.g. real flour instead of almond flour).
      Let me know!

      • Can’t wait to make this bread, Ludmila!!! You seem to be a genius, lol, so thank you so much for the recipe! I’m interested especially in the sour cream substitution but I’ll use yogurt instead because despite being on keto for years I’ve been diagnosed with a fatty liver, high blood pressure and high cholesterol!!! (We drink too much coffee with cream here instead of snacking so I’m sure that is the problem. I think people on keto should always use: apple cider vinegar, lots of lemon, lots of green veggies and fresh juiced, low carb veggies to keep their livers clean. Ox bile etc. Hope this helps. 🤗

          • 5 stars
            This bread deserves awards!! I recently made some keto dinner rolls and keto biscuits and I was so disappointed with their textures—the rolls were eggy and the biscuits were dry pucks. Both recipes called for almond flour and when I saw almond flour was the main flour in this recipe, I almost didn’t make it. HOWEVER, THIS rustic keto bread is WONDERFULLY DELICIOUS!! I made my first loaf last night and had to stop myself from eating too many slices! Haha The nutritional yeast really does give it a nice flavor similar to wheat bread, which is really cool! This will definitely be my go-to bread recipe! I did have to make some substitutions but they worked out, so this recipe is pretty forgiving! I only had 3 of the 5 eggs so I substituted a 1/4 cup of Greek yogurt per egg (2 eggs, so 1/2 cup in total). I also didn’t have ricotta cheese and used an equal amount of dry curd cottage cheese, adding a Tbsp or two of some heavy cream for more moisture. And it turned out very nicely! If you ever end up having to substitute with cottage cheese, do consider blending the cream cheese, cottage cheese, eggs, and apple cider vinegar with an immersion blender to break up the chunks of cottage cheese. I didn’t blend and now my bread has a bunch of melted cottage cheese chunks on the outside that got quite crispy in the oven, so they’re a bit hard to chew, but that’s my fault. haha 11/10 stars for this amazing recipe! Thank you, thank you Ludmila!! 🙂

          • Thank you so much for this review! So glad you like it and that your substitutions worked out! This will be helpful for other readers.

  5. Hi Ludmilla!
    Is there any possibility that you might post your non-keto German rustic bread recipe? I grew up on it and my mom’s version is good, but I want to expand my collection. (Hers is great but very yeasty and sticky, if that makes any sense). LOVE this keto version by the way!!

    • Hi Yael, I’m so glad that you like my bread recipe!!
      I don’t post high carb recipes on my blog. BUT if you can send me an email, I can email you a wheat-based bread recipe. Just need to find my old recipe box 😉

  6. Very excited to try this recipe for St Patricks Day. I do have psyllium husk but also have oat fiber. Could I switch out and use the oat fiber? Thanks for this lovely recipe!

    • Hi Mimi, I’m excited for you to try the recipe! I recommend following the recipe and using psyllium husk powder. If you use oat fiber, you would need to change all the other proportions of the other ingredients to achieve a similar result! Hope this helps and happy baking!

  7. 5 stars
    I rated this 5 stars because it was Super easy to make, my husband liked it AND for once something I made looked like the recipe picture 😍 this recipe is a keep!!! I’ll be making you cinnamon swirl bread VERY SOON!!!

    • 🥰 Thank you, Sheila! So excited you and your husband liked it!! I definitely like to keep my recipes simple and easy.
      Hope you will like the cinnamon swirl bread, too!!

  8. 5 stars
    Hello !
    Very tasty, very easy to bake !! I’m looking for breakfast already 🙂
    I’m french, so I used a kind of Philadelphia cheese… then at first I didn’t see your macros, so I did mine. I do find 12 L and 7 P, which is close enough, but I find 2,58 G…
    I will très and use the same app as you… I’ll keep in touch !
    Many many thanks anyway, it’s a wonderful recipe !!

    • Thank you so much Vero! I’m really glad you like the recipe. I use WP Recipe Maker to calculate the macros. You can see the numbers just below the recipe 😊 Let me know if you have any questions!

  9. 5 stars
    This is a tasty and super easy recipe! I did not have ricotta and substituted 1/2 cup cottage cheese and it worked well. Also I didn’t have the yeast and still it is absolutely awesome. Thank you so much for this wonderful recipe!

    • So glad to hear that you liked the bread! Good to know that it works with cottage cheese, too 🙂

    • Unfortunately, no. The psyllium husks absorbs just the right amount of moisture and gives the bread a nice crust.

  10. 4 stars
    Closest thing to bread I’ve had since cutting carbs. I love that you can taste the phylum husk in this bread. I added a little more salt and a tsp of monkfruit. We dipped the bread in balsamic & olive oil and it was the perfect keto vehicle!

  11. Something was not quite right. Two attempts. Smelled great!
    Looks like rye bread and is purple inside. 😕
    Is 4 tablespoons of psyllium husk powder correct?

    • I’m sorry it didn’t work out for you! 4 tbsp is right. Did you use psyllium husk powder? I have also heard that some brands of psyllium husk powder can end up with a purple hue, but shouldn’t affect the taste. I never had issues with the NOW brand if you wanna give that a try. 🙂

    • Don’t throw it out! You can still eat it if it turns purple. It doesn’t affect the taste at all. It is a chemical reaction between the psyllium husk powder and the baking powder. I have made this bread too many times to count and mine turned purple twice. But it is definitely still edible and still DELICIOUS! Maybe try a different brand of baking powder or a different brand of psyllium husk.

  12. Hi!! This sounds amazing!! Can it be put in a silicone bread pan for even slices? Or is it just more rustic without a pan?
    Thank you!!

  13. I made this bread this morning!! I am so excited to have a crusty bread. I had a warm end slice with some butter!! So delicious!!
    Wondering if you could suggest a bread bag to store it in.

    Thank you!!

    • Wonderful! The crust of this bread is pretty good and I’m glad that you like it! So, regarding bread bags – you can simply use a paper bread bag or if you want to invest in a reusable bags, there are some nice cotton/linen ones on the market. This one has a sale going on as of right now. In the meantime, you can simply cover your bread with a clean dish towel whilst on the counter. Don’t forget to move the bread to the fridge though after a couple of days, or to the freezer. Hope this helps!

  14. 5 stars
    I made this bread tonight and I am very impressed. Love this bread and so easy to make and also that it’s quite low in sodium. Fits all my dietary needs! It’s definitely a keeper.
    Thank you

  15. 5 stars
    Hard to believe this rustic loaf was made with almond and coconut flour. The taste is amazing. I wondered though where all the dark specks in the bread were from. Interesting.

    • Hi Judy, so glad you like the bread. Interesting indeed about the dark specks. I wonder if it had anything to do with your brand of psyllium husk? I use the NOW brand.

    • You could just divide the dough into rolls. I’m not sure though if this bread would make good hamburger buns, as it’s rather sturdy.

  16. Hi Ludmilla

    Is there a way to make your breads where they won’t taste like wheat??? Like My maybe White or A Rye taste instead.

    Thanks in advance

    • 5 stars
      Years ago I got from recipes for a small planet the idea for creating a rye tasting bread by adding olive juice from a jar of green olives. I am going to try substituting olive juice for the apple cider vinegar. I don’t know if this will work I only made this the first time this morning and was reluctant to change anything this time. But I will next time. Caraway seeds would help with the illusion, too

  17. Alas, Lumilla! As a descendant of both Germany and Russia (Ukraine)? I was thrilled to find a bread recipe combining these heritages. Unfortunately, I am allergic to milk protein. Do you have suggestions for substitutes? Danke.

    • I haven’t tried a milk substitute myself, but if you are willing to experiment a bit you could use dairy-free ricotta that’s made from almond milk (like this one) or give coconut yogurt a try.
      You would probably have to adjust the quantity as their water content is different.
      I wish I could tell you how the bread would turn out with a substitute, but I haven’t tried it.
      Alles Gute!!

  18. 5 stars
    As a first-time loaf baker I just baked a loaf of this bread and I messed the recipe a little bit by adding the vinegar last and I baked it in a loaf pan. I ended up with a short loaf that didn’t rise very much. Still, I am very happy with the result. A dense delicious snack bread great with butter and I was able to cut my loaf into 24 slices.

    • Glad you liked the bread! Sorry, it didn’t rise much. The bread doesn’t rise as much as carby breads, but should rise some. Using fresh baking powder (if yours was 18+ months) may help. As well as adding the vinegar earlier.

  19. Thank you so much for this recipe. I made the bread last week and it is by far the best ketobread that I have made!
    Also very helpful with Celsius temp. and grams for us Europeans.🥰

  20. Hi,

    What would the ingredient amounts be for 1 bread in Metric units?
    These tablespoon and cup measures are confusing for someone born and raised on the Metric system. (And I don’t currently own a set of measuring cups)

    • I provided the metric amounts (grams) for the ingredients, right next to the cup amounts in the recipe card at the bottom of the page.

      • Hi,

        Apologies, I see now that I have posted this question under the wrong recipe.
        It was originally intended for the Carnivore flatbread recipe, where the metric measurements are not present

  21. This recipe sounds amazing! ….. except for the coconut flour. Is there a substitute for the coconut flour?

  22. WOOHOO🎉 I finally ordered a 2# bag of Fishers Pecan flour with ZERO NET CARBS! First time it’s been available, but stupidly expensive and not even organic…
    As soon as it arrives (day after tomorrow?) I’ll be trying your recipe with caraway & maybe pumpkin seeds.
    *Keto Twins just did an inspiring video, so I’m hot to trot. Let you know how it turns out, then.

  23. Just waiting for my nutritional yeast to arrive so I can start making this recipe – looks great! Can I use white wine vinegar instead of apple cider? Thanks!

    • Great! Hope you like it! I haven’t personally tried it, but I think it should work. I know replacing it with lemon juice works, in case you have lemons around.

  24. 5 stars
    Made the bread for a second time last night. THIS time, I had the ground psyllium husk powder. (This psyllium looked brown, yielding a slightly purplish hue, which is fine. My husband is a fan of grainy/hearty bread vs. white. I DOUBLED the recipe and put it into a large bread pan, shaping it so it was tall (so I could make him sandwiches.) I coarsely chopped up 1/4 cup of salted sunflower seeds and subbed 2/3 C of ground flaxseed meal for part of the almond flour. (Mind you, I also doubled the rest of the ingredients.) I increased the amount of nutritional yeast for flavor and added probably a T of Caraway seeds. I decreased the temperature to 300′ and baked it for 90 minutes in hopes of getting it to cook through without over-browning the outside. The result was WONDERFUL! I know that the carb-count per slice will be more with the “tall” loaf, but it was more important to create something palatable. The real problem is–it’s so good toasted that I want to eat the whole loaf myself. Right NOW! I wish I could show you a photo of it. THANKS!

  25. hallo ludmila,
    ich bin irritiert:
    “2 Tassen Mandelmehl 200 Gramm, blanchiert
    ¼ Tasse Kokosmehl 28 Gramm”
    ist das nun (entölter) mehl, oder gemahlene mandeln/kokos?
    gruß gabriele

    • Hm, in den USA nennt man es einfach “blanched”. Ich habe hier den begriff entoelt noch nich gehoert fuer Mandel- oder Kokosnussmehl.
      Vielleicht hilft es dir auf die Links meiner Zutaten zu druecken und sie dir anzuschauen. Sorry, dass ich dir da nicht weiterhelfen kann!

  26. Hi,
    Do you think I could use 1/3 less fat for the cream cheese and full fat greek yogurt for the ricotta? Also, I’m a little bit hesitant since every bread recipe that uses psyllium husk or psyllium husk powder turns out very wet or moist in the center. Your recipe is different in that it doesn’t ask for any hot or warm water. So I am just hoping that if I put it in a 8 x 4 loaf pan it will turn out!?! Thank you for any advice.

    • I haven’t tried it with Greek yogurt. This bread doesn’t turn out moist, just make sure to use psyllium husk powder, not just psyllium husk. Using a loaf pan instead of free-shaping should work.

  27. I love the bread! Have just put 2 loaves in the oven and was using the 2X amounts. The amounts for almond flour and coconut flour did not double. I’m not sure who can correct this and did not check the 3X amounts. Thanks so much for the best bread I’ve tried so far.

    • That’s strange it didn’t double. I’m using a program for this, so unfortunately I can’t change the way the program calculates this

  28. 5 stars
    I made this last night to accompany a homemade soup. It was very simple and very delicious! Well received by the family too. Thank you for this one 🙂 x

  29. Going to try this recipe! Thanks. I have a quick question. Could you use blended cottage cheese in place of the ricotta?

  30. 5 stars
    Love this recipe! It is so quick and easy. I added some herbs last time and it was even better. Mine baked in a much shorter time, like 45 minutes, so I would suggest keeping an eye on it. It is not the height I am used to, but I slice it thin and make 2 little sandwiches. Has a nice most texture, not eggy tasting at all.

  31. Do you think that bamboo fiber could be substituted for the psyllium husk? I’ve used bamboo fiber instead of arrowroot powder in a bread recipe and it worked well.

      • I ordered mine from Amazon. I’m in the US…I’m confused with your comment, because you said they don’t sell it IN the U.S.

        • I didn’t realize you can now buy it here. It’s been a while since I last checked and then I could only find products shipped from Germany. What brand did you find?

  32. Just made this and it’s wonderful! Thanks so much for the recipe. The only things I did different were: added a few drops of liquid sucralose, put the dough in a silicone loaf pan so it would be more loaf like, baked it for 53 minutes and sliced it into 20 even slim slices. Definitely a keeper!!!

  33. 5 stars
    Absolutely delicious!!! The cream cheese and ricotta must play a strong role. My only other comment (not a criticism) is, it is VERY dense. Is there a way to make it lighter? I followed the recipe exactly. If not, I will try your hamburger rolls next. THANKS!!

    • This is definitely a denser bread. The burger buns are softer and work great for hamburgers. One reader commented that she tried baking soda instead of baking powder for the Rustic bread and that that helped with the rise. I haven’t tried it yet, but may be worth a shot.

  34. Hi there from Bonnie Scotland. I Love all your recipes, & so want to make
    this bread, BUT even the smallest amount of Psyllium ( or flax seed for that matter )
    make me bloat & suffer terrible stomach pains. What can I use instead…I’m longing for some
    low carb toast ! Thanks

    • The psyllium husk powder helps with the bread-like texture. You could try just adding more almond flour, but may sacrifice the texture. You could also try subbing the psyllium with oat fiber as this also helps with texture. Wishing you the best.

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