Variety of keto-friendly drinks.

Keto Drinks – What can I drink on my keto diet?

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Soda? Coffee? Juice? What can you actually drink when you are watching your carbs? Don’t worry, there is no shortage of keto drinks that you can enjoy while staying healthy.

Whether you are new to keto or have been committed to a low-carb way of eating for a while, finding drinks that are keto-friendly may be somewhat overwhelming. You may have been sticking to water (good choice) for a while. And while there is nothing wrong with that, there is more out there in our wild world. I will guide you through some of the options you have to add some variety to your healthy lifestyle.

Coffee, sweet tea, soda, and milk, all can be part of a healthy keto diet! Yes, really!

Today, a variety of healthy beverage products are on the market that make it possible to enjoy flavorful and sweet drinks without the carbs. OR if you are like me and enjoy doing it yourself, you can easily prepare your own keto drinks, like coffees, lemonade, and even soda drinks without added sugars.


DYI. Save money and know exactly what’s in your keto drink by preparing it yourself at home.

Extracts. Whether you make your own soda or want to add some excitement to your morning coffee, work with natural extracts, like peppermint, almond, vanilla, etc.

No diet products. Just stay away from them. Most products labeled “Diet” contain artificial sweeteners, like aspartame.

Stevia. When it comes to homemade keto drinks, stevia is your friend. It is the quickest and healthiest way to sweeten your drinks without adding sugar.

Probiotics. Fermented drinks like kombucha are great ways to add some healthy probiotics to your diet. Make sure to check the nutrient label of store-bought fermented drinks, as some of them may be high in sugar.

Keto Coffee. Waking up the right way!

Fresh cup of Turmeric Butter Coffee.

As long as you don’t overdo it, coffee can be part of your crazy keto life! You don’t want to depend on caffeine or feel like you are addicted to it, but as long as you don’t sugar it up or use those yucky artificial sweeteners like Splenda, brew up that black hotness. Some studies have actually found that regular coffee consumption could lower the risk of diabetes and obesity!

I’m not really a coffee drinker, but even I can’t say no to a hot cup of BUTTER COFFEE. It is so creamy, thick, and filling. It really is a nice way to start your morning, especially if you are in a hurry and need something nutrient-rich and energizing.

Optimally, you would make your own butter coffee yourself at home. I love a hot cup of Turmeric Butter Coffee, but you can experiment and add your favorite flavors. Try peppermint or vanilla extract, make it mocha by adding some cocoa, and top it off with some whipped cream. Sweeten your coffee with a few drops of liquid stevia.

If you prefer buying coffee (instant coffee or liquid), make sure it is sugar-free and doesn’t have any artificial sweeteners. Rapid Fire makes great instant keto coffee powder.

Of course, black coffee works great, too. Feel free to use heavy cream, almond milk, or keto-friendly creamer to lighten it up a bit.

Soda? Yes, you can!

Homemade Sugar Free Root Beer served.

Regular soda is pretty much poison to your body. It is filled with sugar, high-fructose corn syrup, and artificial flavors. Even the sugar-free diet products of all the popular brands should be avoided because of the use of aspartame.

HOWEVER, there are now many options available from brands that either use natural sweeteners, like Zevia or Virgil, or simply leave out any sweeteners all together, like La Croix or Bubly. I love that these drinks are as natural as you can get with soda: carbonated water and natural flavors. Awesome!

Better yet, make your own soda. This homemade root beer has only 3 ingredients and is sugar-free! It takes me 2 minutes to make!

Juice? Fruity, refreshing, and NO!

I know we have all learned about the health benefits of juice and probably all grew up drinking it. And while juice really is healthy in terms of vitamins and antioxidants, it will also bring your blood sugar to a new high. One glass of apple juice alone has 24 grams of sugar – that is SIX teaspoons of sugar! Unfortunately, not everything that is natural is healthy for us.

That doesn’t mean though that we can’t enjoy any of nature’s fruits. Bai came out with a flavored water that combines juice, water, and erythritol for a refreshing, juice-like drink.

Homemade sugar-free pink lemonade served in a glass.

LEMONADE is another option. Try this Pink Lemonade recipe that is made with cranberry juice and has no added sugar. It is a great way to keep you and your kids hydrated during hot summer days!

Tea. The fancy way to hydrate.

Freshly brewed tea.

Tea is not just for tea time. We usually have a jug of sweet iced tea in our fridge. I use fresh or dry leaves of peppermint, lemon balm, and sometimes like to add some chamomile. A French press works great for loose tea, but for bagged tea, all you need is a pot and some water.

After steeping your tea, just let it cool down, add ice and liquid stevia, and you have just made your own sweetened tea SUGAR FREE! Experiment with different herbs and teas. This keto drink is easy and quick to make, not to mention cheap!

Or how about kombucha? Kombucha is fermented sweet tea and a great way to add probiotics. I love Remedy Raw Organic Kombucha. It has zero sugar! Or buy your own kombucha mushroom, a colony of yeast and bacteria, and start making your own!

Milk. Less is best.

Who doesn’t love a cup of milk with their chocolate chip cookie? That’s how my kids eat their treat. I buy fresh raw milk for them and they love it. For myself, 12 grams of carbs are too much for one cup of milk. Milk, especially fresh raw milk has many health benefits, but the amount of lactose (milk sugar) can quickly add up.

Stick to non-dairy milk. Almond or coconut milk are keto-friendly options. One cup of almond milk has only about 1 gram of carbs. Perfect! Just make sure to always read the label, as some brands can contain added sugars.

So, there it is. Even on keto, you can stay hydrated with more than just water!


What is your favorite keto-friendly beverage? Leave me a comment below.

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