Homemade Sugar Free Root Beer served.

Homemade SUGAR FREE Root Beer

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Make your own sweet and fizzy SUGAR FREE Root Beer at home. It only takes 2 minutes and 3 ingredients!

Root beer is by far my favorite soda beverage. Unlike other sugary drinks, it has a deep aromatic flavor that is a combination of vanilla, licorice roots, sassafras extract, anise, wintergreen, and other ingredients. It tastes both refreshing and medicinal, and is caffeine-free. Unfortunately, commercial root beer is filled with sugar (or high fructose corn syrup), and artificial coloring and flavors.

But this won’t stop us from enjoying this satisfying drink!

As it turns out, it is actually really easy to make your own sugar-free root beer at home. It literally takes only a few minutes and 3 ingredients to make 4 pints of root beer that is free of sugar or any artificial ingredients!

My kids go crazy over it! As a mom, I’m relieved and happy that I can offer them something that is both cool and exciting, but also healthy. It’s the perfect summer drink and would work great for a kid’s birthday party or BBQ. Pair that with my Low Carb Pink Lemonade, and no one will be asking for commercial drinks any more! Not to mention: KETO ROOT BEER FLOATS!

As I already mentioned, it is super easy to make, but as always I have some tips for you.

Homemade Sugar Free Root Beer done right!

Serving of Homemade Sugar Free Root Beer.

Root beer extract. The key to perfect homemade root beer is using the right root beer extract. Something you want to keep an eye out for are artificial ingredients. While artificial flavors can taste good, I prefer natural flavors. My favorite root beer extract is Cook’s. It has a nice rich root beer flavor and also gives your homemade root beer a beautiful dark amber color. It certainly is not the cheapest extract on the market, but less than 3 teaspoons are sufficient to make a 4 pint batch of sugar-free root beer!

Sweetener. I believe liquid stevia works best for sugar-free drinks. Other sugar-free sweeteners, such as erythritol don’t dissolve well. Alternatively, you could also use liquid monk fruit or allulose, but you would need to adjust the quantity.

Carbonated water. I have tried using both sparkling mineral water and club soda for making my root beer. While I slightly prefer the flavor of natural mineral water, club soda will give you more of that fizz and foam that you may be looking for. Club soda is also cheaper than mineral water.

BONUS TIP! To keep as much of the fizz as possible, simply add the sweetener and extract straight to your water bottle! Every time you pour carbonated water, you lose some of that fizz. So, by the time you pour the water into a pitcher and then again into your glass, a substantial amount of carbonation is gone. You can avoid that by adding your ingredients to your fresh bottle of club soda or mineral water. It also saves you from doing extra dishes!

Refreshing homemade root beer that is SUGAR FREE!

Served Homemade SUGAR FREE Root Beer.


Serving of Homemade Sugar Free Root Beer.

Homemade SUGAR FREE Root Beer

Make your own sweet and fizzy SUGAR FREE Root Beer at home. It only takes 2 minutes and 3 ingredients!
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Prep Time 2 minutes
Total Time 2 minutes
Course Drinks
Cuisine American, Keto
Servings 8 servings
Calories 13 kcal



  • In a pitcher, add all the ingredients and stir carefully. Serve cold over ice. Done!


Instead of using a pitcher, you can also add the sweetener and root beer extract straight to your bottle of carbonated water. That way you will keep more of the fizz.


Serving: 1cupCalories: 13kcal
Keyword keto drinks, low-carb drinks, sugar-free drinks
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  1. 5 stars
    I just ordered Cook’s root beer for extract. Love root beer but can’t find a sugar free I like. This sounds promising. I will make it exactly as your recipe is written to see how it tastes.
    Then I am going to try mixing it then added to club soda in a can by a dropper so that I can have just a serving with our opening a big bottle.
    Thank you for sharing the hopefully great recipe.
    Will be stalking your other recipes for other great ideas.
    Again thank you.

    • Bonnie, I’m excited for you to try it!! I make it for my kids (and me 😉) all the time and we love it! Let me know how it turns out!

      • 5 stars
        Oh my goodness, you have made this diabetic a very happy woman.
        I can’t wait for the next family event to share this recipe.
        Thank you so much for sharing your good fortune at finding a great sugar free Root beer.
        You totally rock!!!

        • Bonnie, This post made my morning! So happy that this recipe works for you 😊 We sure love it, too, especially my kids!

      • 5 stars
        Oh and now I have a good reason to go shopping!
        I need glass mugs to put in the freezer for this amazing root beer.
        Thank you again v

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