Healthy Keto Summer Desserts

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No grains, no added sugar, and low-carb! These Keto Summer Desserts are everything you need to enjoy healthy summer!

Fluffy mousse, fruity ice cream, refreshing drinks, or light cake! This list of Keto Summer Desserts has it all and more! You shouldn’t need to worry about rising blood sugar, gluten intolerance, or artificial sweeteners when enjoying summer breezes. Stay healthy and eat delicious food that’s keto and fun! Hope you have fun trying out the desserts on this list!

1. Keto Root Beer Float

Keto Root Beer Floats served in glass.

This is a CLASSIC! Bring back sweet childhood memories with these Keto Root Beer Floats! Made completely from scratch with low-carb vanilla ice cream and HOMEMADE root beer. It doesn’t get any better than this!

2. Keto Coffee Float

Keto Coffee Float served with straws.

If you love coffee, this creamy coffee drink is for you! This Keto Coffee Float is similar in consistency to a Frappuccino BUT so much easier to prepare. Enjoy this drinkable dessert that’s half coffee and half ice cream, topped with sweetened whipped cream. 

3. Keto Raspberry Mousse

If you are looking for a creamy, light, and fluffy summer dessert, this Keto Raspberry Mousse will do it! It’s super easy to prepare and made with grass-fed gelatin – a true super food!

4. Keto Raspberry Yogurt Swiss Roll

Swiss Roll sprinkled with powdered erythritol.

If raspberries are your thing, you should also give this Keto Yogurt Swiss Roll a try! The rolled-up sponge cake is completely grain-free and filled with a light and fruity cream. So yummy and perfect for your summer tea party!

5. Keto Ricotta Cheesecake

Slice of Keto Ricotta Cheesecake (Zapekanka)

This light Ricotta Cheesecake is also known as Zapekanka in Russia. It’s high in protein and has a light sweetness to it that makes it perfect for breakfast. Serve it with fresh berries for a true summer treat!

6. EASY Keto Vanilla Ice Cream

EASY Keto Vanilla Ice Cream served with macerated strawberries.

No summer is complete without ice cream! Churn your own, healthy Keto Vanilla Ice Cream with this super easy recipe! I love to use it as a base for my root beer and coffee floats.

7. Keto Cannoli Ice Cream

Keto Cannoli Ice Cream scoops.

One ice cream recipe is not enough! Give this Cannoli Ice Cream a try! It has everything you love about famous Italian pastry including ricotta cream and decadent dark chocolate!

8. Keto Rose Water Berry Ice Cream

Keto Rose Water Berry Ice Cream served with berries and rose petals.

If regular keto ice cream is not fancy enough for you, you NEED to try this Rose Water Berry Ice Cream! Not only does it look beautiful, but it’s also made with real rose water that makes this dessert truly luxurious. It’s the perfect ice cream for special summer occasions!

9. Keto White Chocolate Panna Cotta

Thick, creamy, and so easy to make! Prep only takes a few minutes and then your fridge will take over! Panna Cotta is great recipe to turn into a low-carb version as it relies on heavy cream as its base. This White Chocolate Panna Cotta is served with an irresistible chocolate sauce!

10. Keto Strawberry Yogurt Cream

Keto Strawberry Yogurt Cream served in a glass dish.

Breakfast, sweet lunch treat, or quick after-dinner dessert, this Keto Strawberry Yogurt Cream is perfect for all occasions. Simply stir together whipped cream and Greek yogurt, then top off with a refreshing strawberry puree!

11. Keto Cold Berry Soup

Two bowls of Keto Cold Berry Soup.

This is a Russian summer treat that’s made with egg yolks, cream, and berries. It’s a super-healthy dessert that’s high in antioxidants. Serve this Cold Berry Soup chilled on hot summer days.

12. Keto Zucchini Bread Mini Loaves

Keto Zucchini Bread Mini Loaves (with yogurt), sliced.

No summer dessert list is complete without zucchini bread! These Keto Mini Loaves are made with Greek yogurt and are COMPLETELY grain-free and gluten-free! Enjoy a slice with grass-fed butter!

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