Gifts for Your Keto Friends and Family

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Creative and affordable gifts for your keto relatives and friends. A wonderful list of keto gift ideas for any age and personality: coffee lover, baker, homesteader, the keto chocolate crazy, and more!

If you know someone who has turned to the keto side, this gift list is for you! Whether it is your husband/wife, parents-in-law, bestie, colleague, or your child, I will make it easy for you to find the perfect keto gift for them!

BECAUSE, let’s face is, keto people (me included) can be quite particular about the gadgets, foods, and surprises they like. Coming up with gift ideas for Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, etc. can be overwhelming when that special someone watches what they eat and seemingly has already everything!

Look through my keto gift list to find just the right present for your health-conscious friends and family! Happy shopping!

Gifts for the Keto Baker

Belgian Waffle Maker. Your keto baker can make delicious, fluffy, keto waffles with this high-quality toy! My Belgian waffle maker actually broke down recently, so this one is on my wish list!

Silicone Baking Set. I LOVE baking with silicone molds. It makes clean-up a breeze and you don’t need to grease or line your silicone sheets. As a matter of fact, I bake my Keto Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins in a silicone mold!

Stand Mixer. This stand mixer doesn’t only make beating, mixing, and whisking easy, it also looks GORGEOUS!

Keto Baking Cookbook. No keto baker is complete without at least one keto recipe book. I love this one by Carolyn Ketchum!

Russian Piping Tips. Chances are, your keto baker already has a bunch or regular piping tips, but how about RUSSIAN piping tips? With these nifty things, you can make beautiful frosted flowers for cupcakes and cakes!

Whipped Cream Dispenser. Do you know someone who loves whipped cream? Make their life easier with this whipped cream dispenser!

Gifts for the Keto Host

Crockpot. A slow-cooker is essential for any host. Perfect for keeping your food warm until guests arrive or slow-cooking that roast without hassle so that you work on dessert! This one is digital and comes with a thermometer probe!

Ice Cream Churner. Makes delicious, creamy keto ice cream in no time (like my KETO CANNOLI ICE CREAM)!

Buffet Server. In ideal tool for parties and gatherings that any keto host(ess) will appreciate! Comes with a temperature control.

Fondue Set. I love this nostalgic set! Nothing wrong with electric fondue pots, but there’s just something magical and more authentic about eating around a flame.

Raclette Set. Let your guests customize their own little food trays with this family fun gift! We actually use ours weekly. Great for leftover use and the kids love it!

Gifts for the Keto Chef

Spiralizer. An essential tool for a grain-free kitchen. Make your own zucchini noodles (zoodles) in no time!

Mortar and Pestle. Feel like a pro and make your own traditional Italian pesto with a granite mortar and pestle set.

Instant Pot. Do you have a keto friend who loves experimenting in the kitchen? This instant pot may be just the right gift! It functions as a slow-cooker, yogurt-maker, pressure cooker, steamer, and so much more!

Air Fryer. The Air Fryer is the health enthusiast’s favorite new toy! Fry up crispy food with LESS oil!

Oil Sprayer. Fill up your own oil mister with healthy olive oil or avocado oil!

Gifts for the Keto Homesteader

Water Carbonation System. With this sparkling water system, your keto homesteader can make their own sparkling drinks! Anything from sparkling tea to wine, or my homemade sugar-free root beer!

Food Dehydrator. I love our dehydrator! It let’s you dehydrate anything from vegetables, fruits, and even meat for your homemade beef jerky!

Hydroponics Garden. Grow herbs, flowers, veggies ALL year long INDOORS!

Glass Herb Keeper. The healthy homesteader has to keep those herbs fresh!

Gifts for the Keto Chocolate Crazy

Hot chocolate made with Homemade Sugar Free Keto Hot Chocolate Mix.

Hot Chocolate Mix. Surprise your special someone with a homemade instant hot chocolate mix. Homemade presents show the love!

Stevia Sweetened Chocolate. Surprise your chocolate crazy friend with this assortment of Lily’s stevia-sweetened chocolate bars.

Chocolate Fondue Mugs. Who doesn’t like MELTED chocolate?

Serving of Keto Double Chocolate Brownies.

Keto Double Chocolate Brownies. A batch of homemade, fudge, chocolatey brownies is the way to anyone’s heart!

Gifts for the Keto Coffee and Tea Lover

French Press. A MUST for any coffee or tea lover!

Cappuccino Maker. Oh my! With this machine you can make your own espressos, cappuccinos, and lattes. Buy this for your husband/wife and you can both benefit from it!

Tea Flowers. The perfect gift for any tea lover. The flowers will bloom while steeping! They look GORGEOUS!

Portable Espresso Maker. Your health conscious traveling friend or relative sure will appreciated this handy gadget!

Milk Frother/Steamer. Make any coffee drink special with this frothing machine. Also, perfect for hot chocolates!

Instant Keto Coffee Mix. Need a gift idea for your keto colleague? How about this keto coffee mix!

Fun Keto Gifts

Bacon Socks. This will make any bacon lover laugh!

Keto Shirts. There are so many funny keto shirts on the market. Here are some of my favorites: Carb Wars (The Ketones Strike Back), Sorry I can’t (I’m in Ketosis), I’m a Keto Girl (in a Carbie World), Keto because Bacon is Better Than Diabetes.

Badass Keto Planner. For your badass keto bestie.

Gifts for Low Carb Kids

Kids Cookbook. Great kid-friendly cookbook with over 100 recipes and keto tips for the whole family!

Grow your own Pizza Garden Kit. What a fun gift that would be for ANY kid?? This would also be a great project for your homeschooling children!

Real Kids Cooking/Baking Set. Do you know a little baker? Why not buy them a REAL cooking set, just the right size for little hands?

Wooden Farm to Table Kitchen. I love WOODEN toys for children! This beautiful kitchen comes with pans, utensils, and lights and sounds! A little kid’s dream!

Wooden Food Groups. More wooden toys. Great for color sorting and pretend play!

Personalized Keto Gifts

Customized pink YETI bottle.

Customized YETI Bottle. I LOVE my YETI Rambler. My kids got me a customized pink one with “Momma” written over it that I use every day!

Engraved Cutting Board. These engraved, bamboo cutting boards look BEAUTIFUL! It would be the perfect gift for in-laws!

Embroidered Aprons. You can have any design or name EMBROIDERED that is just right for your loved one!

Gift Ideas for Keto Friends and Family

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