Yes, you can indulge on keto! Whether it’s cookies, cake, or even ice cream, eating low-carb doesn’t have to be restrictive or boring.

Look through these delicious and fun dessert recipes and you will find something you love!

Keto Chocolate Cookies (Egg Yolk Cookies) served with coffee.

Keto Chocolate Cookies (Egg Yolk Cookies)

The easiest Keto Chocolate Cookies you have ever made! Soft, thin, and delicate, these cookies are a great way to use up leftover yolks. Sometimes we just want it quick and simple, right? That’s exactly what these Keto Chocolate Cookies are! If that little sugar craving hits you, you can bake these delicate, soft cookies […]

Keto Fried Donuts served with coffee.
Breakfast, Desserts

Keto Fried Donuts

Make these real FRIED Keto Donuts with sugar-free glaze or cinnamon “sugar” topping! You don’t need any special equipment to enjoy a treat that’s tastes like fresh from the bakery. They don’t look like it, but these donuts are really fried and really keto! You don’t need a deep-fryer or a donut-maker to enjoy this […]

Close-up of a Keto Unicorn Sugar Cookie Bar.

Keto Unicorn Sugar Cookie Bars

If you like unicorns, you will LOVE these Keto Unicorn Sugar Cookie Bars. Rainbow sprinkles, colorful frosting, sweet sugary cookie bars WITHOUT the sugar! Unicorns seem to be THE imaginary creature of our times. You can find anything from unicorn cakes, drinks, cookies, and cakes. Now, I don’t blame anyone liking unicorns – they are […]

Keto Ricotta Cheesecake (Zapekanka) served with fresh berries.
Breakfast, Desserts, Russian

Keto Ricotta Cheesecake (Zapekanka)

This creamy Keto Ricotta Cheesecake is incredibly easy to make. Enjoy the light sweetness, and the fruity flavors of orange zest and fresh raspberries for breakfast or an after-dinner treat! Zapekanka is a traditional Russian cheesecake made from tvorog (Russian farmer’s cheese), eggs, semolina or flour, and dried fruit. Thanks to its simplicity, it is […]

Slice of Keto Apple Sour Cream Cake.
Desserts, German/Austrian

Keto Apple Sour Cream Cake

This Keto Apple Sour Cream Cake is incredibly creamy, festive, and made with REAL apple. You won’t believe it is keto! It is fall and I know one food that many of us low-carb foodies are missing right now is APPLE! Everywhere I look is see apple cider, apple pie, apple muffins, apples, apples, APPLES! […]

Keto Root Beer Floats served in glass.
Beverages, Desserts

Keto Root Beer Floats

Sugar-free root beer + homemade vanilla ice cream = KETO Root Beer Floats. There is nothing as satisfying as making your own soda floats FROM SCRATCH! You heard right! You can make your own keto root beer float completely from scratch. AND it is much easier than you think. You can make my homemade SUGAR […]

Serving of EASY Keto Vanilla Ice Cream

EASY Keto Vanilla Ice Cream

Quick, creamy, keto. With only a 5-minute prep, you can enjoy this EASY Keto Vanilla Ice Cream in no time! It really only takes 5 minutes to prepare the cream for this super creamy vanilla ice cream. Then all you have to do is churn it for 20 minutes, and you can enjoy your own […]

Keto Cannoli Ice Cream scoops.
Desserts, Italian

Keto Cannoli Ice Cream

Sweet, luscious ricotta cream and decadent dark chocolate chips. This Keto Cannoli Ice Cream has everything and more you love about the famous Italian pastry. Pure ice cream bliss! I’m so happy with how this cannoli ice cream turned out! It really tastes just like the cannoli filling, but in ice cream form! The use […]

Keto Strawberry Yogurt Cream served in a glass dish.

Keto Strawberry Yogurt Cream

Treat yourself with the perfect summer dessert. This Keto Strawberry Yogurt Cream combines the flavors of sweet strawberries, tart Greek yogurt, and fluffy whipped cream. So good! The days are getting longer and hotter. This is the time, I long for a refreshing dessert that I can quickly whip up without having to spend much […]

Easy Keto Vanilla Pudding served in a glass.

Easy Keto Vanilla Pudding

Now you can make vanilla pudding just like grandma’s, except better! No cornstarch, no gelatin, or xanthan gum needed to whip up this easy and creamy keto goodness. I believe every household needs a good vanilla pudding recipe. It’s just one of those stable desserts that we associate with our childhood, family nights, and comfort. […]

A keto Russian Pancake, Blin, filled with cream and fruit jelly.
Breakfast, Desserts, Russian

Keto Russian Pancakes (Blini)

Blini are thin, delicate Russian pancakes that you can enjoy with sweet or savory fillings. This keto version is not only easy to make, but can be enjoyed guilt-free! They will become your new favorite breakfast food. Having a Russian background, meant for me waking up most Sundays with my dad standing behind the stovetop […]

Keto Stracciatella Ice Cream served in a glass.
Desserts, Italian

Keto Stracciatella Ice Cream

Welcome to ice cream royalty! You will fall in love with this keto version of the famous Stracciatella ice cream that is known for its delicate chocolate shreds. Stracciatella was my favorite ice cream growing up. I love the thin chocolate shavings speckled in the sweet ice cream. It is one of the most popular […]

Close-up of of freshly baked keto chocolate chip cookies.

Keto Chocolate Chip Cookies (with Almond Butter)

You will love these soft chocolate chip cookies. Low-carb and sugar-free, but they taste just like the real thing! It didn’t take me long to decide what my first recipe post should be about. Chocolate chip cookies, of course! Probably the most popular cookie in the U.S., and definitely the most requested cookie in our […]