Butter coffee, sugar-free hot chocolate, or refreshing sodas! There are many options to still your thirst on keto and on this page you can find them.

Cup of Turmeric Butter Coffee.
Beverages, Breakfast

Turmeric Butter Coffee

This will be the healthiest coffee you have ever enjoyed! In 5 minutes, you can combine the earthy flavor of turmeric with healthy fats in your morning coffee and feel more energized than ever. So, what’s so special about turmeric? It is the curcumin, the bright-yellow chemical, that gives turmeric its color and its healing […]

Keto Root Beer Floats served in glass.
Beverages, Desserts

Keto Root Beer Floats

Sugar-free root beer + homemade vanilla ice cream = KETO Root Beer Floats. There is nothing as satisfying as making your own soda floats FROM SCRATCH! You heard right! You can make your own keto root beer float completely from scratch. AND it is much easier than you think. You can make my homemade SUGAR […]

Homemade Sugar Free Root Beer served.

Homemade SUGAR FREE Root Beer

Make your own sweet and fizzy SUGAR FREE Root Beer at home. It only takes 2 minutes and 3 ingredients! Root beer is by far my favorite soda beverage. Unlike other sugary drinks, it has a deep aromatic flavor that is a combination of vanilla, licorice roots, sassafras extract, anise, wintergreen, and other ingredients. It […]

Homemade sugar-free pink lemonade served in a glass.

Homemade Low Carb Pink Lemonade

You will never want to drink store-bought, sugary lemonade again after trying this refreshing, keto-friendly, and healthy low-carb pink lemonade! So good! My kids love pink lemonade and I hate that they love it. Well, until now! Store-bought pink lemonade is not only loaded with sugar, but also artificial dyes. Yikes! And unfortunately, it does […]