About me

Thank you for visiting my little abode! I’m so excited that you are here!

I’m Ludmila, the writer behind LowCarb Abode. I’m a homeschool mom of two wild boys and a baby girl (who is probably going to grow up to be a wild girl). I have a Masters of Science in Biomedical Anthropology and a Masters of Public Health in Nutrition. During the past years, I have come to the conclusion that so much of what I was taught about health and nutrition is based on biased and even unscientific information. Information that made me sick.

Finding out about the benefits of low-carb and keto eating changed the outcome of my second pregnancy. I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes and probably would have ended up having to take insulin if it wasn’t for trying this new way of eating (How I naturally treated my gestational diabetes with a low-carb diet!). Since turning away from high-carbs food, I have discovered not only how much fun it is to bake and cook with low-carb ingredients, but also how darn delicious food can be when you skip the sugar and flour.

In this blog, you will find meals and desserts for every occasion that you can enjoy guilt-free, and that will make you feel and look good! The recipes are also “childproof” (thanks to my boys’ harsh critique!). I was raised in a German-Russian household, and you will notice that many of my recipes are traditional recipes turned keto.

By applying all the discoveries I have made and turning away from conventional advice, I have created a healthy way of living for my family and me without sacrificing flavor or fun! I want to share my research and experience with you because low-carb eating has made such a difference in my own life.

Make yourself right at home and feel free to comment or email me! You can contact me at lowcarbabode@gmail.com.